Student professional contest The XXth Edition, Bucharest, 13th-16th April 2011

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The INTERCONNECTION TECHNIQUES IN ELECTRONICS (TIE) contest is a student professional contest whose objective is to promote technological computer aided design (CAE-CAD-CAM) of electronic modules. This contest brings together students from different Universities since 1992. Students have a great opportunity by taking part in this contest. A good organization and a total transparency during the contest are the main coordinates proving professionalism and fair-play among students keen on electronic packaging.

Organizers for the XXth Edition:

Contest rules:

  • each university can participate at the contest with maximum 3 contenders: 3 bachelor’s degree level student or 2 bachelor’s degree level students and 1 master level student.
  • the universities who wants to participate with students competitors have to anounces their intentions until January 31, 2011
  • the organizers will anounce, until February 15, 2011, the number of participants allowed for each university center
  • the final lists of the participants will be anounced until April 02, 2011