TIE Plus

The step towards interconnect simulation technology


TIE+ represents a new contest challenge under the TIE brand, focused on virtual prototyping disciplines that support high-complexity PCB design. TIE+ will be implemented as an individual challenge, managed using an online platform, nevertheless contestants will have to present their subject solutions in a live face-to-face meeting in front of the technical committee.

For the upcoming sessions, including this year’s edition the contest’s disciplinary area will be Signal & Power Integrity.



The TIE+ concept emerged as a “natural” step forward in the support and promotion of PCB design competence in the Romanian (mainly, but not restricted to) electronics professional environment.

As a response to the highly increasing market demand for PCB design professionals to have also expertise in fields like signal integrity, thermal management and EMC, the TIE steering and technical committees decided to add a “plus” to the current TIE event by incorporating  also the area of virtual prototyping .

The brief list of the TIE+ objectives would be:

1. The promotion of simulation based PCB design disciplines in universities and company based R&D centers

2. Stimulating the development of future specialist in the field of interconnect simulations in accordance to best-in-class companies demands

3. Create a collaborative-competitive environment where the candidates presents their technical solutions, but also exchange ideas on simulation approaches and get in touch other PCB design professionals

Download TIE Plus 2017 – Workshop Presentation [PDF]